Montgomery County Launches Website to Help Residents Achieve “Green” Goals

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection has launched a new website, to help residents find local programs, services, resources and answers to environmental questions all in one location. Residents who are interested in getting started on green projects, creating green plans, and learning more about rebates, tax credits, and other incentives, can find all the information on the new website.

“Most people would prefer to make day-to-day choices that are best for the environment, but they may not know how to do that or think it is too difficult,” said Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection Director Bob Hoyt. “That’s why a resource like is so important. The website brings together, in one place, essential information to give residents the tools they need to make green changes in their everyday lives, sometimes in ways that will actually save them money, and presents it in a simple and fun way.”


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