Senator Pipkin & Secretary Hall “War on Rural Maryland” Debate Continues

As previously reported on Conduit Street, Maryland Planning Secretary Rich Hall and Senator EJ Pipkin have been trading comments in the Salisbury Daily Times over whether the Maryland Department of Planning is conducting a “War on Rural Maryland” through PlanMaryland, proposed legislation to limit septic systems, and other initiatives.  Senator Pipkin provides the latest response in a December 9 Daily Times opinion column, arguing that PlanMaryland bypasses the Maryland General Assembly.

Aside from usurping local government’s authority to plan for land use and the chilling effect on the economy by giving the state the final word on rural land use, the worst aspect of PlanMaryland is that its enactment bypasses the people’s representatives in the General Assembly.  …

Certainly, I believe in planned growth, but I do not believe in the abolishment of local authority or the creation of a state land czar with the final word on land use.

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