Other Counties Express Interest in Frederick County Waste-to-energy Project

As previously reported by Conduit Street, plans for a proposed waste-to-energy facility in Frederick County are proceeding.  Currently, the project is being jointly financed by Frederick and Carroll Counties.  However, Carroll County can opt out of the agreement once the project’s final costs are determined.  A December 7 Frederick News Post article discusses Frederick County’s plan to proceed with the project even if Carroll decides to opt out and the possible interest of other counties in the facility.

Should Carroll County pass on the opportunity, it would leave Frederick County on the hook.  …

Washington and Howard counties have both expressed interest in stepping in if the price is right, according to [Frederick County Special Projects Manager Michael] Marschner.

Even if Carroll County decides to step aside, Frederick County is not backing down, Commissioners President Blaine Young said Tuesday night.

“The numbers work,” he said. “We have multiple options to entertain.”

A follow-up December 8 News Post article discusses the concerns and opinions expressed by the general public at a forum on the waste-to-energy project.

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