Committee Votes to Keep County Executive Form of Government in Wicomico

A 15-member charter review committee, which was appointed to review and debate questions from the County Executive and County Council, recently voted to keep the current county executive form of government in place.  As reported by

While debating the County Executive form of government, created when the last charter review committee met 10 years ago, members focused discussion on the institution as a whole and steered away from elected officials.”I don’t think you want to change the form of government because of any temporary political or personal issues,” said Wayne Strausburg, chairman of the committee. “That’s going to change … possibly with the next election.”

Other members voiced concern about undoing a form of government that has only been in place for about five years.

M.J. Caldwell, who served on the past two charter review committees, said when the last committee recommended the executive form of government, it allowed county residents to vote on it; in the end, more than 60 percent of residents were in favor of having an executive at the top of government.

The committee also voted down a five-year residency requirement for County Council members  and voted against requiring any type of educational requirement for council members.

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