Howard County Council Considers Tougher Towing Practices

A bill introduced earlier this month by Howard County Council Chairman Calvin Ball would authorize the county’s Police Department to tow a vehicle with one or more parking tickets that have gone unpaid for 90 days.  Current policy allows towing of vehicles with three or more unpaid citations. The bill seeks to address the nearly 5,000 unpaid parking citations on file and address constituent complaints of illegally parked vehicles.  The Baltimore Sun reports:

“Our goal here is to help enforce the law,” he said. “This bill will benefit neighborhoods across the county.”

“This issue is not district specific and occurs throughout the entire county,” Ball said. “Having the authority to collect parking fines is essential in the department of finance so that it can carry out its duties. Authorizing our police to impound a vehicle under these conditions is a reasonable recourse.”

The Council could vote on this as early as November 7.


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