Washington County Commissioners Consider “Pay as you Throw” Program to Encourage Countywide Recycling

The Washington County Board of Commissioners is considering options presented yesterday by the Solid Waste Advisory Committee with a goal of increasing recycling by county residents.  Among the more attractive options, according to The Herald Mail  is a “pay-as-you-throw” program.  The Board asked the committee to return in November with program implementation details.

County residents expressed interest in expanding county recycling programs but have been divided on their program preferences.  County commissioners have heard resident concerns and want to make sure that costs associated with program expansion do not become deterrents.

Commissioner Ruth Anne Callaham said she liked the pay-as-you-throw concept and felt it would be attractive to some county residents.

Of all the correspondence she has received on recycling, Callaham said it has been evenly divided between people who said “don’t you dare” implement recycling and people who compared recycling to “environmental stewardship.” Given the comments, Callaham said she believes it is important to give people choices.

During a public information meeting at North Hagerstown High School last month, participants were divided in their support for curbside recycling versus an expanded drop-box service. But most agreed they do not want the county to “do nothing.”

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