Baltimore County Contemplating Early Retirement for Employees

A bill creating an early retirement program for Baltimore County employees is being considered by the council, a move that could save somewhere between $10-$15 million in salary expenditures.  Under the program, 1,100 current employees would be offered voluntary early retirement.  Eligible employees include those at least 60 years old with five years of service; those at least 50 years old with 20 years of service; and any county employee with 25 years of service regardless of age.   Additionally, eligible employees could receive an additional credit of three years of service if they opt to go with the early retirement.  According to Don Mohler, Chief of Staff for County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, the county is looking to eliminate 200 positions. The Towson Patch reports:

“The budget picture is clearly not improving, it’s not rebounding,”  Mohler  said. “It’s not allowing us to sustain the core functions of government that county residents expect.”

“If we’re not able to identify 200 positions through this process, we’ll be faced with some very difficult questions when we sit down to put the budget together,” Mohler said.

Mohler said the goal of the program is to protect “core public services including education, public safety and infrastructure.”

It is not immediately known what departments are being targeted or how much the county expects to save.

Additionally, Mohler said Kamenetz has been meeting with department heads in recent weeks, alerting them to expected budget reductions for the 2013 budget year.

The bill will be discussed at a October 11 council work session and is anticipated to be put to a vote on October 17.

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