Carroll County Landfill First in Maryland to Offer Styrofoam Recycling

Carroll’s County Northern Landfill in Westminster is the first facility in Maryland to offer recycling services for styrofoam. Styrofoam is a material largely considered nonrecyclable. However, thanks to a partnership with a Pennsylvania-based company, Carroll County has been able to reduce landfill use by offering a way to recycle such products as cleaned foam cups, food containers (including take-out) and egg cartons that have the No. 6. symbol on them.  From WBAL-TV 11:

Officials are working with Pennsylvania-based food service packing producer DART Containers, which is providing the Dumpster, the trucking and the labor at no cost to the county. The recyclables will then go back to Pennsylvania for reuse.

Officials said foam packing peanuts and insulation aren’t accepted. Neither are No. 6 items that aren’t foam due to the recycling process. Also, don’t put straws, lids or anything else in with the foam products.

 WBAL-TV 11 News reporter Jennifer Franciotti said one Dumpster at the landfill has only been there for a week and it’s already been filled and emptied once.

 Officials said the service will cut down on landfill use, which is something residents have wanted for years.

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