Frederick County Commissioners to Review Report on Outsourcing Services

Frederick County Commissioners will be presented with a consultant’s report today on the outsourcing of core services, which could save the county as much as $109 million over a five-year contract period.  As reported by the Frederick News Post:

The core areas include management services, public works, interagency information technology, community development services, human resources, financial administration, parks and recreation, court and internal audit, according to a 27-page report by a Georgia-based company that has helped other local governments develop public-private partnerships.By using public-private partnerships to provide core services, the county could reduce departmental costs by between $45 million and $70 million for the life of a five-year contract, according to the document.

The report also projects savings of about $10 million in county contributions toward post-retirement health insurance and $29 million in contributions for pension liabilities. All total, that means the savings could total from $84 million to $109 million over a five-year contract period.

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