Proposed Reorganization of the Wicomico County Executive Office

Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt, Jr. presented a conceptual proposal to the County Council earlier today regarding the reorganization of the Office of the County Executive.  As reported by, the reorganization would not require any additional funds to be directed towards his office.

Pollitt announced that County Administrator Ted Shea is retiring after more than 30 years of employment with the county. Sharon Morris, the assistant director of administration, will be promoted to county administrator and her current position will stay vacant, thus resulting in a savings.

The net gain of the change in the executive’s office would be one additional employee, increasing the staff from six people to seven people.

Under the reorganization, Jim Fineran, the county’s Public Information Officer, would also see his role change. The PIO position would be eliminated and Fineran would lead the newly created Constituent Services and Communications office.

“These are the tools that a successful county executive needs to be successful,” Pollitt said, and ” I’ll do so without asking for an additional dollar in funding for next year’s budget.”

To read the full proposal, please click here.

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