Charles County Attorney Roger Fink Retires After Two Decades of Service

Photo Courtesy of Charles County Government

Charles County Attorney Roger L. Fink has announced his retirement from the county.  Appointed to  the position of County Attorney in November 1991, Fink  provided legal advice and representation on a wide range of issues including Land Use, Planning and Zoning, Environmental Law, and Ethics for 2o years.  Southern Maryland Today reports:

“Mr. Fink has been a dedicated County Attorney”, said Charles County Commissioner President Candice Quinn Kelly, speaking on behalf of the Board of Commissioners. “He has a wealth of knowledge about legal practices and the operations of County Government. His retirement leaves behind a legacy that will not soon be forgotten.”

“Establishing the County’s first full-time Office of Law and serving the citizens of Charles County has been a challenging and rewarding experience, for which I am very grateful,” said Mr. Fink.

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