O’Malley Considers Veto of Waste-to-Energy Bill

A May 16 Washington Times article discusses the pressure facing Governor Martin O’Malley to veto legislation that he supported during the 2011 Session to move waste-to-energy facilities from a Tier 2 source to Tier 1 source (a more favorable position) within the State’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.  MACo supported the bill and has sent a letter to the Governor urging him not to veto the bill.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley finds himself at potential odds this week with two of his biggest supporters — fellow Democrats and environmental groups — over a bill that would put waste-to-energy plants in the same renewable-energy class as solar and wind plants.

Members of both groups have asked the two-term governor, who has long given vocal support to environmental issues, to veto the legislation Thursday at his final scheduled bill-signing ceremony.

Though Mr. O’Malley has publicly supported the billed [sic], passed during this General Assembly session, he has yet to decide what he will do, administration spokesman Shaun Ademec said Monday. …

Though the governor’s final bill-signing ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, he has until May 31 to veto the bill, at which point it would go into effect whether he signs it or not.

A prior Conduit Street post discussed the Baltimore Sun’s support of a veto.

Additional May 13 Baltimore Sun coverage

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