Session Update: Business Affairs

This post summarizes the status of various business affairs bills that MACo took a position on.

Junk Dealers and Scrap Metal ProcessorsHB 203 would clarify that Baltimore City and Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Caroline, Carroll, Dorchester, Kent, Somerset, Washington, and Worcester counties fall under the statewide scrap metal legislation that passed last year.  MACo supported the bill to ensure that the new law is uniformly implemented and enforced across the State, and that prohibitions on the purchase of items, such as the purchase of catalytic converters, cemetery urns, or grave markers, apply to junk dealers and scrap metal processors in these jurisdictions.   Status:  HB 203 has passed the House and passed the Senate on second reading on April 5. MACo Testimony

Master Electricians:   HB 361/SB 235 would continue the State Board of Master Electricians and require the Board to adopt continuing education requirements for licensure.  As introduced, SB 235 also contained study language that seemed very prescriptive and directed toward eliminating local licensure for electricians.  In testimony, MACo offered amendments to strip out that study.  These amendments have been accepted and both bills are now moving in the same form.  Status:  Both bills have passed their respective houses and are awaiting action in the opposite chamberMACo Testimony

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