Governing Magazine Presents: “The Keys to a Successful Efficiency Commission”

Governing Magazine presents: The Keys to a Successful Efficiency Commission, April 6, 2011, 2:00 p.m. – 3:oo p.m.

To deal with the wide-spread budget deficient many states are facing today, administrations are turning to efficiency commissions to find innovative ways to fill their budget gap. Also known as reorganization or reinvention commissions, these groups have the potential to enact significant improvement in a state or agency’s fiscal outlook by rethinking programs and refocusing policy.

When done successfully efficiency commissions can eliminate wasteful spending, streamline government processes and put a state or agency back on the road to high performance. But too often these commissions fail, weighed down by partisan politics or an inability to implement their recommendations. What, then, are the keys to an effective efficiency commission?

The free webinar will address:

  • Why transparency and succinct recommendations are vital to commission success
  • How efficiency commissions can put states and localities back on strong fiscal footing
  • Which key factors will determine an efficiency commission’s success or failure
  • Best practices from efficiency commission veterans in Virginia and around the nation

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