Senate Finance Committee Passes Renewable Energy Legislation Supported by MACo

MACo submitted testimony to the Senate Finance Committee on March 8 in support of Senate Bill 690 which would expand the definition of a Tier 1 renewable energy source to include waste-to-energy facilities in the State’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.   Currently, waste-to-energy facilities are in a less favorable Tier 2 category.   Tier 1 renewable energy sources include wind, solar power, and geothermal energy.  There are 3 waste-to-energy plants in the State certified as Tier 2. 

Adding waste-to-energy as a Tier 1 source will give the State one more option to help it reach its goal.  More options also mean that electricity suppliers may be able to meet their portfolio standard requirements more easily, translating into potentially lower electricity costs.  County governments that elect to run a waste-to-energy facility could also see a modest increase in revenues.

The bill is being sponsored by Senator Thomas C. Middleton, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee.  The Senate Finance Committee passed the bill out of the committee with amendments on March 10 and the bill will go to the Senate floor for a vote.

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