MACo Seeks Study on Appointment of Temporary Limited Guardians

MACo Associate Director Andrea Mansfield testified before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in support of SB 726 with amendments.  The proposed legislation would establish a process for the appointment of a temporary guardian to assist with the transition of a disabled adult from a hospital to a long-term or less restrictive rehabilitative care facility.

MACo agrees that there is a positive role for the areas of aging and social services offices in ensuring quality care and proper discharge planning, but SB 726 could create an unfunded mandate by significantly increasing the number of guardianship petitions. To address this concern MACo recommended to the Committee that the bill be amended to provide a study of this issue, insuring that the needs of individuals are being met in a manner that does not place undue administrative and financial burdens on the local aging or social services offices.

MACo Testimony on SB 726

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