Officials Confirm Measles Case in Maryland

Morbillivirus_measles_infectionThe Maryland Department of Health has confirmed a measles infection in the state and has issued a safety alert through the department’s Center for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Response.

Delmarva Now reports:

“Given this finding, as well as the growing number of measles cases in other areas of the country, we are asking clinicians in Maryland to have heightened vigilance for measles, and to take prompt action to prevent additional measles cases,” said [Dr. Monique] Duwell [Chief of the Center for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Response].

“This includes rapidly identifying patients with suspected measles, implementing strict infection control measures, conducting appropriate diagnostic testing and notifying your local health department. It is also important that you and all health care workers are protected against measles.”

The article notes that since the beginning of the year, 465 cases of the highly communicable infection have been confirmed in 19 states.

An MDH webpage dedicated to measles explains that symptoms include high fever; runny nose; cough; red, watery eyes; and red rash. The infection is airborne and spread via coughs or sneezes, and can be prevented with MMR vaccine. To help prevent the spread of infection, individuals who suspect they may be infected are urged to call their doctor before heading to the office and to not go to school, work, child care or in public if they have symptoms.

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