Legislative Tracking – Major Issue Shortcuts

Watching legislative issues? Use the shortcuts below to find a streamlined list of our blog posts on the topic you’re seeking — MACo’s positions and testimony, press coverage, and legislative action.

State Budget
Highway User Revenues
Teacher Pensions

Maintenance of Effort
School Construction and Renovation
All Education Issues

Septic Systems
Total Maximum Daily Loads
All Environmental Issues

Transportation and Public Works
Government Liability & Courts

Click here for a listing of all MACo positions on legislation, including the staff contact for each bill, and a link to MACo’s written testimony.

MACo staff will be keeping these topics updated through the session as bill hearings and committee votes shape the legislative debate. Visit the Conduit Street blog regularly for updates on policy issues, or subscribe to MACo’s Courthouse News email lists for regular updates.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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