Statewide Scrap Metal Implementation – Update

As previously reported, a workgroup composed of the Maryland State Police, Baltimore City Police, Baltimore County Police, the Maryland Chiefs and Sheriffs Association, the Maryland Municipal League, and MACo was established in the spring to work on the statewide implementation of the scrap metal legislation.  Following two meetings of the work group where a basic approach was discussed for implementation, the State Police and Baltimore City and Baltimore County law enforcement developed a training presentation to share with law enforcement and other interested parties across the state.  A very similar presentation was provided to MACo members during a meeting on August 18.

Key points to remember:

  • Each jurisdiction is required to pass a resolution designating a primary law enforcement unit responsible for the enforcement and the receipt of records
  • It is suggested  that the Regional Automated Property Information Database (RAPID) be used and that the current primary law enforcement designations under this system apply
  • A dealer to vendor reporting relationship similar to the one used by the pawn and precious metal industry using Baltimore Watch International, Inc.  (BWI) is suggested – reporting relationship will require businesses to pay a subscription fee of $200 to BWI

Scrap metal dealers contacting local law enforcement for registration purposes can be referred to the RAPID Help Desk at or 443-986-1427.  If you have questions regarding the statewide implementation of this new law, please contact Lieutenant Dalaine Brady of the Maryland State Police at 443-629-3737.

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