NACO County Courthouse Awards-Submit Your Nominations by April 29, 2011

NACo is soliciting applications for its prestigious County Courthouse Awards.

The purpose of the award is to profile elected county officials who have improved the lives of citizens through outstanding governance and strong leadership.

From large metropolitan counties to surbuban and rural counties, county executives, board members and commissioners are continually working to address many of the nation’s most challenging issues, such as homeland security, air and water quality, information technology, health and human services, public safety, and a wealth of other priorities. Managing and prioritizing county’s needs may be a commissioner’s most challenging task.

These success stories are the foundation upon which other successes can be built. Those individuals selected for one of three awards, will gain national recognition for their county and will receive a $5,000 college scholarship to present to a student of their choice.  All NACo members are eligible for the award.

County Courthouse Awards Application form and brochure

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