Howard County Launches Energy Audit Program

Howard County Executive and MACo President Ken Ulman announced the launch of a free energy audit program to county homeowners earlier this week.  The program, funded through the county’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, will assist residents in finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save money along the way.

The County’s Office of Environmental Sustainability will be administering the program and collecting the data from all of the audits. “When we are completed, we will have a significant amount of data from a complete cross-section of homes throughout Howard County,” said Joshua Feldmark, Director of the Office of Environmental Sustainability. “With all of this data we will develop best practices and the most effective energy efficient upgrades for every home in Howard County.”

Residents who are selected for the program must agree to provide a 12-month history of energy usage for their home, be present at the audit, and complete a survey 6 months after the audit to report efficiency measures they implemented.

Ulman stated:

“In energy, like so many other areas, information is empowering,” said County Executive Ulman. “This program gives us the opportunity to offer homeowners the information they need to make smart energy decisions which will reduce the County’s overall carbon footprint, and save homeowners money.”

For additional information, visit the Green Central Station page on the Howard County website.

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