“County News” on NACo’s Facebook page

Are you a fan on NACo’s Facebook page? Sign up and you can access the latest issue of County News and get the latest news and trends from the nation’s counties. County News, 43 years serving the nation’s counties information needs. Contact: Bev Schlotterbeck • 202.942.4249

NACO County Courthouse Awards-Submit Your Nominations by April 29, 2011

NACo is soliciting applications for its prestigious County Courthouse Awards. The purpose of the award is to profile elected county officials who have improved the lives of citizens through outstanding governance and strong leadership. From large metropolitan counties to surbuban and rural counties, county executives, board members and commissioners are continually working to address many of the nation’s most challenging issues, such as homeland security, air and water quality, information technology, health and human services, public…

NACo Fighting Proposed Cuts to Community Development Block Grants-Seeking Best Practices From Counties

In an effort to restrain federal spending, the U.S. House has voted to reduce FY11 spending to FY08 levels, which would have the effect of reducing most non-defense discretionary spending, other than homeland security.  These reductions could have significant effects on programs counties rely upon for regular operations. More than 100 suggested reductions include: Eliminate all remaining “stimulus” funding — $45 billion total savings Repeal the Medicaid FMAP increase in the “State Bailout” —  $16.1…

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