NACo Tracking Debate Over Federal Budget Cuts

In the latest issue of NACo’s County News, staffer Jeff Arnold details the House of Representatives’ recent vote to pare back federal discretionary spending, with potentially significant cuts embedded to state and local governments. From the article:

In an effort to restrain federal spending, the U.S. House has voted to reduce FY11 spending to FY08 levels, which would have the effect of reducing most non-defense discretionary spending, other than homeland security. These reductions could have significant effects on programs counties rely upon for regular operations.

The resolution is short on specifics since most of the hard work will be done by the appropriations subcommittees, and it is too early to gauge what the U.S. Senate will do with the House’s actions.

Read the full NACo coverage here.

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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