NACo Voices Concern Over Federal Budget Deficit

The National Association of Counties (NACo), a national organization representing the interests of the nation’s counties before the federal government, conveyed their concerns that future federal budget deficit reduction discussion could focus heavily on cuts to domestic discretionary spending programs.  Through a series of letters to President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders, NACo emphasized that county governments work in partnership with Congress and the federal government in providing important programs and services to the American public and federal financial assistance for county programs should stay at the FY 2010 levels.  The key points outlined the in letters were as follows:

• The budget deficit cannot be resolved by only cutting domestic, non-military discretionary programs;
• Federal assistance to state and local governments will help mitigate further layoffs;
• Federal investment in state and local infrastructure produces private sector jobs; and
• Deficit reduction should not be accomplished by shifting costs to counties, imposing unfunded mandates, or pre-empting county programs or taxing authority.

NACo letter to President Obama

NACo letter to Congress

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