Prince George’s County Announces Decline In Crime Rates

For the past five years, crime rates in Prince George’s County have been declining.  Newly released mid-year crime statics indicate that there has been an overall six percent decrease in criminal activity since June of last year. The statistics, which are derived from calls logged into the county’s dispatch system, highlight that there has also been a 12% decline in violent crimes.  The Gazette reports,

County Police Chief Roberto Hylton touted engagement between the department and the community for the continued strides made in lowering the county’s crime rate. Crime has dropped steadily in the county for the last five years, and police said last year marked the county’s lowest crime rate in 35 years.

Hylton said integrating technology into the way the department disseminates information has helped to get information about crimes to the community and has also opened up more forums for information sharing. The website allows the department to send crime alerts to registered subscribers’ phones and e-mail addresses. Meanwhile the department has also started a news blog and social networking page.

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