Maryland Science Center Partners With Counties and Local School Systems

Besides being an interesting and educational tourist attraction near Baltimore City’s Inner Harbor, the Maryland Science Center is also a State-aided Institution for Educational Programming that provides informal science programming for Maryland students and professional development for teachers.  The Center is also developing partnerships tailored to the individual educational needs of the counties and Baltimore City for young people and adults. 

In FY 2010 more than 62,000 Maryland students, teachers, and chaperones visited the Center in through organized school groups, representing 22 of Maryland’s 24 Counties.  Additionally, 3,866 Maryland home-schoolers from 19 Counties participated in programs designed specifically for them and more than 42,000 Maryland students and teachers in 21 Counties received Traveling Science Programs at their schools. 

Some of the Center’s current outreach efforts include:

  •  Traveling Science Program – in FY 2011 the Center will provide three days of free science programming in all 24 school jurisdictions around Maryland.
  • Grow Up Great with Science – is a grant funded program that has allowed the Center to partner with five Head Start programs in Baltimore City to provide science programming for kids at these programs, development opportunities for Head Start teachers; materials and instructions for at-home activities for Head Start families; and special admission programs for these Head Start families as well.
  • Educator Workshops – are a growing aspect of the Center’s offerings; an array of programs designed to provide content knowledge and demonstrate teaching techniques that promote immersive, hands-on learning for students are offered during the year.  Teachers participate in these workshops free of charge and receive a stipend for their attendance.
  • Home School Programs – a series of programs developed specifically for home-schooled students are offered annually and are very well attended. 

The Center is also developing relationships with local Health and Parks & Recreation departments and other agencies/departments interested in providing science programming for their youth and adults.  With the current national emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, the Center feels that this is an ideal time to reach out to the counties and local school systems for partnership opportunities.  If you are interested in collaborating with the Center for a program in your county, please contact:

Andrea Weiss
Director of Foundation & Government Relations
Maryland Academy of Sciences at the Maryland Science Center

 All of the Center’s programs are fully aligned with Maryland State Curriculum requirements.

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