Talbot County FY 11 Budget to include layoffs

According to Talbot County Manager, Andy Hollis, the FY 11 proposed budget would necessitate approximately 11 layoffs.  The public will have a chance to comment on the proposals this week during public hearings.  The FY 11 budget, as proposed, would be $5.4 million lower than the current FY 10 budget.  Revenues are down and declining support from the state led the county to make some deep cuts in departmental budgets according to articles in the Star Democrat . The County also requested a waiver from their Maintenance of Effort requirement for public schools and a decision will be made by the State Board of Education before the end of the month.

Angela Lane, the Finance Director for the county, stated that revenues have fallen sharply since 2008 with income taxes down over 28%, and the county saw a 97.5% drop in their highway user revenues.

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