Frederick County Curbside Recycling Program in Full Swing

Frederick County has partnered with Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) in an effort to increase county-wide recycling. Launched in September, the  “Learn More, Recycle Better” educational campaign provides residents with literature on what can be recycled and how to get involved in the program.  Annmarie Creamer, Recycling Outreach Coordinator for Frederick County stated:

“We are always looking to grow and improve the recycling program and ensure its ongoing success.  We want to do all that we can to make recycling an easy, everyday part of the lives of Frederick County residents…Even avid recyclers can still always learn a thing or two.”

“It’s a voluntary program. We can’t tell exactly how many actually do recycle, because not all households use a recycling cart and those are the only addresses we can track data for. As for the households that do use a cart, about 64 percent have been setting out their cart for collection on an average day, and that rate is rising.”

The program will conclude in June of 2011 and they goal is to increase recycling by ten percent.

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