Battle Lines Being Drawn on State Pensions

Editorial writers from the Daily Record share their perspective on the type of analysis that should be performed with respect to the State pension system and its funding mechanisms, as well as the actions of state employee unions.

Before the commission has even scheduled its first meeting, state employee union leaders are firing warning shots across the bow, opposing cuts in benefits and urging the commission not to rush to judgment.

We agree with the unions’ second point — to a point. Let’s not rush to judgment either way. But it’s clear that Maryland needs to take a very hard, objective look at its pension plans and the funding mechanisms and formulas that support them.

What we need now is an in-depth, unsparing examination and analysis of the fiscal facts, unhindered by doomsday rhetoric from any and all quarters. Then and only then can state policy-makers make an informed decision that will have implications for generations to come.

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