“Framing the Economy” – A Guide for Retirement Plan Sponsors and Members

Nationwide Retirement Solutions, a MACo Corporate Partner and longtime ally in delivering employee retirement products to Maryland’s public sector, hosts a newsletter discussing the state of the economy and how it affects both public sector retirement systems, as well as the employees who participate in them. This quarter’s topic is the potential for a “double dip” recession.

Framing the Economy” was developed with input from Bryan Jordan, CPA:

BRYAN JORDAN, CFA is the Chief Economist and Director of Financial Markets Analysis at Nationwide Investments, the entity that manages the invested assets for Nationwide’s Life and Mutual companies, Nationwide’s Pension, as well as some subadvised fixed income mutual funds for Nationwide Financial.

Among the issues raised in the brief document is the seeming “slowdown” of the recovery (even focusing on the second quarter of 2010). From the article:

And in many ways, the slowdown is both natural and normal. It is true that economic growth tends to accelerate in the second year of recoveries, but there have often been substantial short-term slowdowns within these periods. In fact, real gross domestic product has logged at least one quarter of sub-2.0% growth within the first two years of every recovery of the last half-century. More than half of these low-water marks came in the second year of the cycle, including during each of the last two.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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