Unions Push to Rescue Pending Federal Overtime Rule Change

With the controversial proposed changes to overtime rules halted by a court decision, labor unions are seeking to rescue that effort in the face of an incoming Administration that may not support them.

From an article in the online publication HR Daily Advisor:

Despite the expedited schedule, the 5th Circuit still isn’t scheduled to issue a ruling until after President-elect Donald Trump has taken office. Experts predicted that his administration will withdraw the appeal, and after he announced Andrew Puzder as his pick for Secretary of Labor, that seems even more likely, they said.

In a last-ditch effort to preserve the defense of the rule, the Texas AFL-CIO has asked the district court to allow it to join the suit. While DOL has represented the group’s interests so far, it said, that is unlikely to continue. “With the recent presidential election, and particularly as more information becomes available regarding the incoming Administration’s plans, policy, and appointments, the Texas AFL-CIO has grave concerns as to whether its interests in the Final Rule will be represented by the DOL,” it said.

“Puzder has strongly and publicly opposed the Final Rule,” it said, so “the Texas AFL-CIO is very concerned that the incoming administration will change course.”

NACo had weighed in expressing concerns on the county effects of the proposed new rule, and offered testimony on these issues.

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties
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