Harford County Receives National Achievement Award

The Harford County Executive’s Division of Agriculture “Buy Local” campaign has been awarded an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo).  Recognized in the Civic Education and Public Information category, the Buy Local campaign assists Harford County’s agricultural community market both products and services.  In a press release MACo President and Harford County Executive David Craig stated,

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition.  It’s an acknowledgment of the aggressive push that Harford County Government has been making to raise the public’s level of awareness about the availability of locally-grown food and other agricultural products.

When Harford County residents Buy Local, they not only provide their families with high-quality and affordable goods from producers that they know and trust, but they also keep agriculture as a viable industry, thereby preserving farmland and maintaining Harford County’s rural heritage.

 Of course, we couldn’t have the Buy Local program if we didn’t have farmers and producers who, through their hard work and sacrifice, offer some of the finest quality products that money can buy. We also appreciate the County Council for supporting us in this effort. I hope that every Harford County family makes a conscious effort to Buy Local whenever they can.”

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