Smart Sites Nominations Due July 2

Smart Sites are site-specific capital projects that encourage public and private investment and green design practices in Maryland Sustainable Communities. Smart Sites show how State and local partners can work together to coordinate and align investment in innovative ways that catalyze smart growth in appropriate areas throughout Maryland.

Nominations may be submitted by local municipal and county governments. However, Smart Sites projects may be managed by private nonprofit, for profit, or public partners. The size of Smart Site projects may vary; however, they all:
• Strengthen public and private partnerships at the local level that leverage substantial private investment in appropriate growth and revitalization areas.
• Educate about the range of exemplary growth, revitalization and green design projects and partnerships in progress in communities throughout Maryland.
• Coordinate State, local and private investment in high impact projects in Maryland Sustainable Communities, including Base Realignment And Closure (BRAC) zones, designated Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zones, Main Streets and Maple Streets.

Units of local and municipal government are eligible to nominate Smart Sites.  Nominated projects must be located within a Maryland Sustainable Community

For guidelines, the nomination form and Smart Sites Scorecard,  click here.

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