Court Dismisses Montgomery County Speed Camera Lawsuit

As described in a June 18 Gazette article, the Montgomery County Circuit Court has dismissed a class action lawsuit against the County and several of its municipalities over their speed camera program.  The lawsuit alleged the County was violating State law because of how the payment contract with the speed camera vendor was structured.

The ruling by Judge David Boynton ends a two-year legal battle about the cameras. …

The lawsuit, filed by Bowie attorney Timothy Leahy — who also is one of about a dozen original plaintiffs — alleged the county has been operating its speed camera program illegally since it began in 2007. …

Leahy and others argued the jurisdictions are illegally paying a per-ticket rate to Affiliated Computer Services Inc., a Texas company involved in the speed camera program. The company receives $16.25 per ticket.

The suit claimed the arrangement gave the company a financial incentive to issue more tickets — in violation of state law.

Boynton dismissed the case Tuesday, saying the county and the municipalities operate their own camera programs, Associate County Attorney Charles Frederick said.

June 17 Washington Examiner article

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