FY 2011 School Construction Program-Final Project Approvals and Funding Allocations made by Board of Public Works

Information on the approved project planning and funding allocations for the FY 2011 School Construction Capital Improvement Program is now available on the Public School Construction Program’s website.

A total of $263.7 million will be funded for FY 2011.  A total of 126 projects, both new construction and systemic renovation, as well as 27 local plans for projects will be funded.  On May 19, the Board of Public Works made the final approvals, based on recommendations from the IAC (Interagency Committee for School Construction) and the approval of the General Assembly to fully fund the Governor’s recommendation for $250 million in funding.  The $250 million along with $13 million of reallocated statewide contingency funds account for the $263.7 million in funding allocations.

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