Wicomico County Council Poised to Reject Fee Increases – Changes School Funding Policy

As previously reported, Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt’s proposed budget made significant reductions to education funding, increased user fees, and proposed a new permit for the use of boat ramps.  It now appears that the County Council will not support two of the fees included in the proposed budget, a $5 increase for the household waste transfer station permit and a new $30 boat launch permit.

By striking the two fees from the 2011 budget, the council would make its most significant revisions yet to Pollitt’s budget plan. The executive has given the council a bare-bones proposal that cuts practically every county department, including education and public safety. The school system takes the biggest hit with a $7.4 million drop in its appropriation.

To help the school system deal with funding reductions, the Council passed a resolution to change school funding policy.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the council voted on a resolution giving the school system new powers for saving money. Now the school system can only use $300,000 of its leftover funds for purposes outside of capital improvement projects. The resolution raises that bar to $4 million for one year only.

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