Maryland Governor’s Grants Office Launches New Website

The Maryland Governor’s Grants Office recently launched a website that provides current listings of available State grants. Governor Martin O’Malley stated:

 With this new application, we now have a place where Marylanders easily can see what grants the State has to offer and with a click of a mouse button, find everything they need to know about the grant-like eligibility requirements, due dates, how to apply, and contact information. Another new tool on the site enables Marylanders to track where federal tax dollars are flowing in the state. Besides being an extremely useful and convenient example of efficiency improvement in State government, this adds another layer of transparency. Whether it is grants offered, grants given to an organization or as payments to vendors, my Grants Office has devised a way to cast more sunshine on the process, which is a hallmark of the O’Malley-Brown Administration.

The website also includes listings of grant specialists throughout Maryland and grants training programs.

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