Legislation Update

HB 273 -Public Safety-Pool Lifeguards-Regulation (Connor’s Law)-voted Unfavorable by Health and Government Operations-MACo opposed the bill

HB670 -Joint Committee on Workers’ Compensation Benefit and Insurance Oversight-Membership-voted Favorable by House Economic Matters Committee- MACo supported the bill

HB 685 -Environment-Flourescent and Compact Flourescent Light Recycling-County Plans-Passed the House and moves to Senate for consideration- MACo Supported with amendments

HB 844 -Local Government Funds-Redeposit into Insured Accounts-passed House and moves to Senate for consideration.  MACo supported the bill

SB 158-  Foreclosures-Unpaid Water and Sanitary Charges-Prohibition – Senate voted to postpone indefinitely by a vote of 24-23.  See blog post

SB 174 -Counties-Local Laws-Digital Copies-Passed the Senate and has moved to House Environmental Matters Committee for consideration- MACo supported the bill

SB 228 -Environment-Incinerator Permits-Conditions for Issuance-voted Unfavorable by Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs-MACo opposed the bill

SB 349 – Local Correctional Facilities-Sentenced Inmates-voted Unfavorable by Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee-MACo supported the bill

SB 560-Vehicle Laws-Traffic Citations-Option to Request Trial-is being held over for final vote in the Senate-MACo supported the bill

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