No More Cuts to Local Government: Press Conference

MACo leaders called for an end to massive cuts in State Aid to Local Government during a Press Conference held today in Annapolis.   County elected officials said they have taken their fair share and it was not acceptable to “pile on more” as a means to address the State’s funding challenges.  From the press release:

MACo President and Harford County Executive David R. Craig, said while he understood the State’s fiscal troubles,  he hopes that “members of the General Assembly don’t misconstrue flat funding [in the Governor’s budget] to mean that local governments have not been cut.  We’ve been hit hard and it just isn’t fair to come after us for more cuts to get through the next fiscal year”.

“Whatever cushion local jurisdictions may have been able to create through these budget actions was whited out by the February snowstorms, said MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson.

County leaders expressed frustration that while education funding is being substantially increased, it is being funded at the expense of other critical local government services, such as public safety.

“When the State talks about aid to local government, they mix apples and oranges, counting schools and counties exactly the same,” said Mr. Sanderson.  He noted, “that’s not a fair picture — school funding is going up again, while they are slashing support for county governments — things like our local roads, police departments, and public health workers.”

Press Conference coverage-Baltimore Business Journal

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