Eight Maryland Counties on Brookings National ARPA Spending Tracker

Online tool details funding amounts with per-project descriptions and insights on where ARPA money landed in Harford, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, and more. 

Different counties have different needs and priorities even in times of crisis. Having the ability to peek next door and see how things were done differently or slightly the same offers great insight into strategies for other scenarios and circumstances. Fodder for like-minded initiatives comes to mind, plugging a hole in an existing program, shoring up resources in different sectors, etc. The Brookings Local Government ARPA Investment Tracker lets local governments lift the hood on each other and see what great ideas might be worthy of replication, or even what ideas were a total bust.

Just the comparison of the overall percentages by category in Harford vs Anne Arundel is a noteworthy indication of variability in priorities.


Once the location is toggled all the projects for that particular county populate with more details and descriptions, which the groupings can further filter. Below is a snapshot of Anne Arundel’s projects.



This cross-county glance is a great catalyst for information sharing and analysis among neighbors. And the tool opens that potential across state lines as well. If a county wanted to see what bright ideas came forth from Georgia to Oregon, it’s a click away. One notable drawback in functionality is the lack of side-by-side comparisons but the wealth of detail alone is certainly worth a gander.