Connecting snowstorms with county budget cuts

Some media are starting to see the connection between drastic budget cutbacks — especially to public works funding — and the snow removal challenges at the county and municipal level.

See this item, produced by Capital News Service, and published on the Corridor, Inc. website.

But cutting aid to counties is merely a politically palatable method of cutting spending for education and health, said Delegate Murray Levy, D-Charles, a former Charles County Commissioner President.

“The counties are also responsible for funding these (programs),” Levy said. “When we cut the county, we cut public education, community college, health and libraries — and we do it beneath the radar.”

After all, a struggling county facing an immediate need must take money from somewhere, Levy said.

“Nobody wants to hear about a fiscal problem when there’s a foot of snow on the streets,” he said. “The issues which counties deal with affect people on a very immediate level.”

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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