Snow Storms Continue to Present Challenges for State and Local Budgets

There are numerous reports today on the budgetary impact of these unprecendented snow storms hitting our area. Previous reports indicated that the State had already overspent its snow budget.  The Baltimore Sun is reporting that this most recent storm has cost the State $35 million so far.

We have been gearing up all day,” said O’Malley during an afternoon news conference, adding that the bill so far to keep roads clear has been $35 million.

The Baltimore Sun also reports on the difficulties facing surrounding counties.

Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold has activated the Emergency Operations Center in Glen Burnie to handle calls from residents. The county’s 284 plows have been on the streets with county workers and private contractors working 12-hour shifts since Friday.

“They’re working very hard under trying conditions,” Leopold said. Anne Arundel spent $2.2 million in the December snowstorm and another $3.5 million for last weekend’s storm. The county has also arranged for an emergency shelter at Annapolis High School in the event of widespread power outages; the shelter, which also accommodates pets, had not been activated Tuesday night.

Other articles are doing the same.  The Towson Times reports the challenges faced by Baltimore County.

Tim Burgess, Cheif of the County’s Bureau of Highways estimated the price tag for the blizzard will top $4 million, and that’s before this next storm hits.

Even prior to the blizzard, the county had plowed through the $6 million budgeted for emergency storm cleanup.

At the same time, Governor O’Malley has asked citizens to be patient with local governments as they do their best to get the snow off the roads.

The governor asked residents to tamp down their anger with local officials over roads that have not been adequately plowed. “There is no city or county government that is geared up to move all of this snow” as quickly as people would like, he said.

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