Governor O’Malley Pledges a Budget Fix for Prince George’s County

Although State Aid to Local Government was generally “flat funded,” due to formula adjustments in some programs, some jurisdictions saw increases in aid over FY 2011, while others saw declines.  The calculation of wealth and student enrollment, underlying both the disparity grant and State aid to education, are driving these fluctuations.  See MACo’s previous coverage of the disparity grant.

The most pronounced decline is Prince George’s County which is experiencing a $33 million drop.   The Washington Post reported yesterday that the Governor –

made an unadvertised appearance Friday at a meeting of the Prince George’s County delegation, where he pledged to House members to fix a funding anomaly in his budget.

He gave no specifics and pleaded for patience.  “Fortunately, this is a 90-day session and not a nine-day session,” the governor said. “The bottom line is we do want to work with you. I ask for your help and your cooperation.”

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