FY 2011 Capital Budget funding distribution – corrected version

At her presentation before the MACo Legislative Committee, Secretary of Budget and Management Eloise Foster shared a document detailing the proposed FY 2011 capital budget, with a county-by-county allocation. However, according to the Department, the data on that distributed document was incorrect — and the corrected version is posted here. From the Secretary’s follow-up memo:

It has come to my attention that there was a typo in the final slide of the PowerPoint presentation I distributed yesterday. The slide incorrectly listed capital funding for Prince George’s County as $19,542,850 when it should have read $119,542,850. As you can see, the first digit of the number was inadvertently left off when the data was transferred to the slide.

Any county officials with questions on the data or presentation may contact Michael Sanderson at MACo for more information.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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  1. Effie M. Elzey

    That is some mistake!
    The state would be better served with a 2-year budget and a 2/4 year sessions. A better balance to make the budget more efficient with a real cut to the budget wants. We are to the point where gimmicks of budgetting are doing noone any good, even the one who is using them.
    Maryland deserves better! We need to get serious about the state taxes paid by the businesses in the state. If we dont they will continue to leave this state for all points South.

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