Stormwater followup from MDE Secretary Shari Wilson

Following a conversation with the MACo Board of Directors at its recent retreat, Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Shari Wilson followed up with MACo President Wilson Parran regarding several issues raised regarding pending stormwater management regulations.

Key excerpt:

All of the State’s efforts to improve water quality could be undermined if we do not adopt sensible growth patterns, and the Department consistently reviews each set of requirements to make sure it is compatible with or encourages Smart Growth. While we think these approaches are sound, we recognize that there is concern among certain supporters of Smart Growth that this requirement,which will help reduce a major source of Chesapeake Bay pollution, will have the unintended consequence of discouraging Smart Growth. It is important, as you have done, to raise and discuss these issues

Read the full letter here.

She also makes mention of the upcoming meeting of the Task Force on the Future for Growth and Development‘s scheduled meeting for January 11, being convened specifically to discuss the stormwater management proposals’ potential effect on smart growth initiatives, a subject frequently raised as a concern by county officials.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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