Sun Editorial: Gas Tax Better Than Other Revenue Alternatives

A Baltimore Sun opinion piece reacts to recent comments by legislators in opposition to increasing the gas tax and argues that the gas tax is the best approach when considering other revenue alternatives. What's maddening about lawmakers and their kneejerk reaction to the 10-cent tax is that the alternatives for reviving the depleted trust fund are even less appealing. Raise fees? Already been done. Car registration and titling? Ditto. The corporate tax has already been…

Transportation Funding “Still in Crisis”

In an opinion piece for Center Maryland, Don Fry, President and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee, writes that Maryland's Transportation Trust Fund still faces a significant funding shortfall and that there is no consensus among political leaders to address it. The START coalition, which includes more than 60 organizations and businesses from across Maryland, is seeking three basic things from lawmakers – increase revenue for transportation infrastructure by at least $500 million per year,…

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