Procurement Made Easier: eMaryland Marketplace Helps Counties Simplify Process

The Maryland Department of General Services’ Office of State Procurement’s e-procurement system and specialized website feature state-of-the-art procurement technology and simplifies county procurement to save time and money.

In 2019, the Department of General Services (DGS) partnered with Nitor, a procurement services firm focused on spend management, to implement the state’s new e-procurement system, eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA). Now fully implemented, eMMA allows buyers to collaborate with vendors from the bidding and contracting process through the purchasing process.

A DGS website helpfully lays out these state tools for those seeking to procure goods and services for the public — including county governments. The website also helpfully includes notations on which tools (most) are eligible for local governments to use.

Learning the basics

The website immediately links users to the State of Maryland Procurement Manual — the State Bible on all things procurement that spells out best practices for conducting procurements and highlights State Procurement laws, regulations, advisories, and policies. Users can also access State Finance and Procurement (SFP) law and the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) through links from the manual.

Utilizing State tools to streamline local procurement

The DGS website also includes several valuable tools deliberately designed to save time and effort during procurement. Tools that may help county governments streamline procurement include:

  • Lists of the State of Maryland’s Preferred Providers to see if they have what your local agency needs

  • State of Maryland Procurement Templates and Solicitation Attachments and Appendices to help you build out your solicitation and/or request for bids

Accessing opportunities for ride-able contracts

The DGS website even has a section listing ride-able contracts in various sectors and industries for local governments to access the State’s full purchasing power. Doing so can likely save county governments time and money.

Potential ride-able State contracts include those in the following sectors:

The DGS website also includes information and links to potential rideable contracts for other services managed by different departments:

  • For banking services, finance, investment, insurance, and related contracts, go to the
    Maryland State Treasurer‘s Procurement webpage.
  • For transportation or transportation-related contracts, go to the
    Maryland Department of Transportation’s
    Procurement webpage.

In short, counties should familiarize themselves with eMMA’s website and utilize its many resources to save time and money in virtually all aspects of procurement.

Access the eMMA website and all of the DGS procurement tools.