Feds Project EV Truck Invest to be Sizeable, Operational Challenges

Federal officials are examining the necessary investment for medium- and heavy-duty electric truck infrastructure, projecting sizeable investments and operational challenges. 

Federal transportation officials in Washington, DC, are taking a holistic and extensive look at what it will take to roll out the necessary infrastructure or electric and hydrogen-powered medium- and heavy-duty trucks. One key point that is while funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) is both historic and a start to the transition away from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, it is by no means enough to establish the infrastructure necessary to completely replace ICE vehicles.

According to DIVE:

…more federal money will be required to create nationwide charging and fueling capabilities necessary for the technologies to replace the diesel that powers most of the industry, said Katie Ellet, president of Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy & Mobility, North America.

“Truthfully, it is still not enough,” Ellet said. “It’s a lot of money, but it takes a lot of money to get to where we need to go.”

This is a prime issue for counties, especially those with several fleets of medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks. The largest jurisdictions operate transportation fleets often composed of buses, and every jurisdiction in some form operates school buses and public works fleets. Both rural and urban jurisdictions equally share concerns over cost, electricity availability, access to the necessary charging infrastructure, and fire suppression.

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