Montgomery Adds “Residential Fast Track” Program, Expediting Approvals from Weeks to Days

Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services has improved its “Residential Fast Track” program, leading to some approvals in days instead of weeks.

Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services (DPS) has improved its “Residential Fast Track” program and its “Apply Online” portal, creating changes that could lead to permits on some eligible projects being approved in days instead of weeks. The changes continue DPS initiatives that are making its building permit programs and services faster and easier to use for residents and businesses.


DPS has reenergized its Residential Fast Track program to ensure building permits are issued in one to two days for eligible projects, such as single-level decks and fences. The program was previously offered in-person as a walk-thru service but was discontinued during the COVID-19 health crisis. It is now available online, and in some cases, permits for eligible projects that took weeks for approvals may now be completed in a few days as long as submitted applications have complete information. To make this happen, Residential Fast Track applications are tracked by a dedicated permit technician to ensure they are expedited.

The projects eligible for Residential Fast Track include:

  • Fences.
  • Single-level decks.
  • Finishing basements and attics without structural changes and with a floor area of 400 square feet or less.
  • Installing sheds, gazebos and other detached non-habitable accessory structures that are 200 square feet or less.
  • Alterations not exceeding 400 square feet and not involving a load-bearing wall
  • Remodeling bathrooms or kitchens less than 400 square feet.
  • Accessory ramps.

A project must not be served by well or private septic system to be eligible for the Fast Track program.

A complete list of eligible projects for the Residential Fast Track program is available on the DPS website at If a residential project qualifies for Fast Track, customers should visit the DPS website to use the Apply Online queue.

DPS Deputy Director Ehsan Motazedi said the changes to the Apply Online portal and Residential Fast Track programs make the process more efficient and effective, following the department’s continuing efforts to improve its services.

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