Fun Fact: Where In Maryland Can You Find An Abandoned Fort In The Middle Of A River?

Maryland is filled with historic places visitors can see, some of which have been left abandoned. Fort Carroll, which can be seen from the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore has been abandoned for years.


The hexagon shaped structure was built in 1847 as a defense spot for Baltimore. After deemed unnecessary for the protection of Baltimore, the fort was abandoned. It is now only inhabited by birds and over three-acres of plant life. The fort is a historical site but private property so people are not allowed to access it. If people want a close view of the fort, they can only see it by kayak or canoe, but it is dangerous since the area is frequented by large ships.

Youtube user Pat Gavin took a trip out to Fort Carroll by kayak and captured images and video you can see here.

Maryland is home to many different abandoned historical sites people can go visit.

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